ACaRS Sp. Z O.O. is a company operating on the Polish market of automation and industrial robotics.

The Expansion of the abbreviation, which is the company’s name-Automation, Control and Robotics Solutions, shows the extent to which we specialize, i.e. implementation from the area of control systems, communication and industrial software and robotics.

About US

Our mission

Designing and implementing efficient industrial automation solutions that we create from reliable technologies based on our knowledge and understanding of our customers ' needs.

Our vision

Building an organisation that responds in a comprehensive and comprehensive way to the growing needs of technical development of the Polish industry.


Implementing the ideas of our clients, for each project:

We are Keen to understand the needs that are the reason for the project

Building a solution we create with a view to its user

Regardless of the size and scale of the project, we treat it uniquely

We Operate in a way that allows for the subsequent expansion of the implemented

We Remember our own development, so every job is an opportunity for us to acquire knowledge and experience

The Effect of our work is our showcase

Each activity we represent ACaRS brand

Our team

Dawid Żuchowski

Robotics and control systems

num: +48 601 950 446

Krzysztof Zięba

Industrial automation and computer science

num: +48 695 880 555

Agnieszka Wieczorek

Office manager

Mateusz Antos

Project manager Automation

Maciej Kłósek

Head of Electrical Department

Karol Jarosz

Programmer Industrial IT

Piotr Magdziak

Project manager Automation

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