Automation and Machine Building

Automation and Machine Building

Machine and Equipment Control

We Develop systems for machinery and equipment for industrial process control. These include systems with PLC, communication modules and operator interface such as Touchpad.
To achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction, we program drivers in constant consultation on the operation of the controlled machine and optimal use of hardware resources. With openness to the suggestions of the client and his staff, we can bring out much more from the machine than just the correct work. This is primarily the ergonomics of machine use as well as the safety of operators during operation.

Redundant and diffuse control Systems

Based on the solutions of the leaders of the control techniques, at the customer’s request we implement PLCS in redundant configuration, that is, double-safe. When one of them stops working properly, the other takes on the role of the latter in the time it was restored to its pre-failure state. Process Data is recorded on both drivers simultaneously, so control is taken smoothly from one device to the other and vice-versa.
The Increasing use of Ethernet also leads to the desired integration of multiple devices, such as controllers, HMIS, gauges, scales, counters located in a production plant or within a single machine. Our Automation Group meets customers ‘ expectations and provides solutions for efficient data exchange between the various communication points. A Driver rich in an extended package of information from such devices can even more efficiently manage the work of the machine or production line.

In Addition to using data from individual devices for internal purposes, a significant role in improving the efficiency of the plant can also bring process data collection on external computers and their subsequent processing. Production Data can also be used to monitor the performance and availability of individual machines in a production plant. Ready-made solutions in the field of MES and monitoring of the work of machines and employees are provided in the form of a SCADA system package and reporting, described on the website dedicated to IT department, available here.

Drive Systems and Communication circuits

We have experience in the automation of drive systems equipped with In systems with frequency inverters, servo-drives, solenoid-valve islands. We also work with drives for gas or liquid refrigerant. Pneumatic Control of multi-engine systems is not a mystery for us. Pneumatics also has a wide application in robotics. Our team successfully designs and executes entire systems based on pneumatic system with robot.

Prefabrication of Control Cabinets

Before performing the implementation work we also create electrical projects of the built machines and assemble for them control cabinets.
Thanks to the experience gained, these constructions are efficient and reliable and safe to use. The control Process occurs through manual operation of the buttons on the cabinet, the integrated HMI touchpad or the software on the work computer in the production plant. Remote Control is increasingly a customer-ordered option. Often The Wardrobe also provides additional information to the operator, through built-in displays connected to the devices inside.

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